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Jeff Ramson

CEO and Portfolio Manager

With more than three decades of experience on Wall Street as an institutional trader and portfolio manager, Jeff Ramson is also an entrepreneur who has built two substantial investment-related business enterprises. Jeff’s experience includes managing portfolios at Moore Capital Management, Barclays Bank, Credit Lyonnais and Scotiabank. In addition, he acquired and developed a trading-focused broker/dealer, growing it from a dormant operation to a firm with 10 offices and more than 100 employees.

In 2008 Jeff founded PCG Advisory Inc. PCG is geared toward helping investors identify value where it is not most obvious by facilitating a dynamic flow of information between its clients and the financial community. PCG has successfully managed 400+ communications campaigns and Jeff’s expert counsel is relied upon by executives of numerous private and public companies across the country.

In 2017, driven by a passion and understanding of transformative technologies and how they affect businesses today and tomorrow, Jeff founded ProActive Capital Group, LLC, a private investment firm focused on capital appreciation through investment in asymmetrical opportunities throughout the global marketplace. Leveraging a long history of identifying management teams, businesses, and sectors of emerging high growth companies, Jeff manages the ProActive Capital portfolio with strategies learned and developed over years as an institutional trader.

In addition to serving as an advisor to numerous companies, Jeff is an associate member of the Security Token Association and serves on the board of Gift of Adoption, which provides adoption assistance grants to help vulnerable children find permanent homes.

Jeff is a CPA and earned a bachelor’s of Business Administration degree in Accounting from George Washington University.